Donation for Cianjur Earthquakes

Donation for Cianjur Earthquakes

Open Donation for Cianjur Earthquakes - Cianjur experienced the biggest earthquake of this century which destroyed thousands of houses and buildings. Based on the latest data from BMKG, the number of refugees reached tens of thousands of people, and those who died reached 280 people.

The Cianjur earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 made my parents' house uninhabitable. coupled with the frequent aftershocks that deepen the anxiety.

We are not only worried about building houses, the electricity has also been out for two days since the initial earthquake on Monday (21/11/2022), but now it has gone out again on the third day (23/11/2022). The power went out again accompanied by aftershocks that don't know how many times it happened.

Apart from electricity, our house is running out of water. The water that we install at home is sourced from the government's PDAM/PAM water. since the first post-earthquake, until now it still hasn't flowed or is still dry.

Somehow the government is addressing the problems of affected infrastructure such as electricity and water, which incidentally are the most important things in supporting life, even in the midst of a disaster. However, every time they see news on social media, many government officials, from villages, regions, provinces, to the center, are busy dealing with the Cianjur earthquake.

We don't want to blame the government, nor do we want to blame anyone, because this is the will of God Almighty.

Condition of Houses Damaged by the Cianjur Earthquake

My house, or rather my parents' house, is no longer livable, because the Cianjur earthquake toppled very important parts of the structure of a building.

The category of damage that we observe is moderate damage. The following details the damage to our house as a result of the earthquake in Cianjur.

1. The roof of the house is damaged

Our roof collapsed. The tiles scattered and shattered, the roof trusses were broken, the wooden sills were broken, the ceiling made of plywood was damaged.

Roof damage is critical, and if it rains, water will enter the house. If the time of day gets hot or not shady. Especially if aftershocks often come, the roof of the house will be further damaged, and it is even likely to collapse. Because considering the age of our house is quite old.

2. The side wall of the house has collapsed

The side wall of the house cracked and collapsed. The wall of the house which was approximately 6x3 meters in size collapsed, leaving a hole in the side wall of the roof of the house, and the wall below was cracked into the kitchen.

There was quite a lot of tile debris and bricks from the wall scattered in the neighbor's garden, so that we were able to find a nailed wall.

3. Split Kitchen Wall

The kitchen wall split open and almost collapsed. As seen in the picture, if you compare the wall to paper, it would be very easy to tear it up. Likewise, the wall in the corner between the kitchen and living room had a gaping crack, like a torn piece of paper that was almost cut off.

This kitchen, which is 2x3 meters in area, has never been repaired again, after it collapsed about 10 years ago due to strong winds plus the frayed frames were already brittle, and then my father repaired it himself, using wooden supports so that it could hold up the kitchen roof.

However, after the Cianjur earthquake, the kitchen looked very worried, as if it was only waiting for the time to collapse.

Uninhabitable House
In fact, our house was no longer livable before the earthquake occurred, we have given in several times not to be part of the recipients of the Uninhabitable Houses (Rutilahu) and Self-Help Housing Stimulant Assistance (BSPS) programs. Because of the minimum quota of beneficiaries in each village, plus there are still many (perhaps) houses that are more uninhabitable, compared to ours.

Lack of Lighting

Our house is 35 m2 in area, which is divided into several rooms; there are three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen. Two bedrooms have no lighting, one bedroom has lighting because it is in front of the house near the entrance to the house.

Our house has windows, the windows of which are already broken, the wooden frames are porous, and they were patched up with makeshift materials. Because the window lock was broken, our window was tightly closed and permanently locked with nails. Until finally we couldn't open the window, and lacked air circulation.

Naturally, our house is dark during the day, because it is closed, even though the door of the house is open. still feels dark. especially the two rooms that don't have windows, you have to turn on the lights every time.

Not only our room, bathroom and kitchen are also dark during the day, because there are no windows or translucent light.

Lack of Ventilation / Air Circulation

In order for smooth air circulation, we often open the door wide. It's a very uncomfortable situation, when the house door is open, sometimes we feel we lack the privacy of the house, if the house door is always open, because we can see it from the outside.

Lack of sunlight entering the house causes the house to become unhealthy, conditions inside the house feel damp, so that the floors and walls of the house inside are easily damaged.

Floor Only Plaster (Not Ceramic)

Floors that do not use ceramics are usually prone to damage, and we have experienced that floors are often covered with cement if they are damaged. in fact, to cover up the damage, we patched it up just by using a plastic carpet.

The floor of our house often emits ants, and we often find small striped cockroaches. I do not know what the name of this type of insect.

The floor that we provide is only the terrace and bathroom. and even that was damaged, many of the ceramics were split, scratched, dirty, and broken.

Open Donation for Houses Damaged by the Cianjur Earthquake

Before I wrote this article, I was still pondering one question, should I open a donation or not? This question has a load of impressions that may be very vulnerable to my mental continuity.

Sadness mixed with feelings of shame, and other things. I am saddened to see my parents' house which has been having problems in its infrastructure for a very long time which is no longer fit for habitation, problems over fighting for aid programs so that in the end they have to give in, until in the end the heaviest problem at the moment is the house affected by the Cianjur earthquake.

Further, with this article. I want to open a donation for the repair of my parents' house which was affected by the devastating earthquake in Cianjur.

I am (probably) monitored by many people, I am a blogger, writer, poet, artist, educator, journalist, designer who was affected by the earthquake in Cianjur.

For this reason, I now throw away my embarrassment to invite colleagues, friends, brothers and sisters wherever they are, who already know me or not. Please feel free to send your donation to:

No. Account : 1831073816
Bank name : BCA
On behalf of : Ihsan Subhan
or it could also be through a Paypal account (for relatives who are outside Indonesia)

Paypal account: / @ihsansubhan

That's what I want to convey, I hope all of you are under the protection of the Most Merciful God. Thank you for your donations, I hope that your kindness will all be rewarded more from Him. Amen.

*Donations that have been received, I will list, and we will be responsible for updating them through articles

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